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All Hail…The Grooms!

Anyone who watched the Grammy’s on Sunday more than likely witnessed the mass wedding ceremony that included 33 couples, many of them same-sex. It was an epic display of equality that moved some people to tears. Afterwards, I was honored to be in attendance for the reception of Jamal Sims and Octavius Terry; two men who wed during the televised event. However, today’s blog is not about the wedding, or the Grammy’s, but about Queen Latifah.


As I perused through FB earlier this week I ran across a post that read “I’m done with Queen Latifah”. I paused and began to read because I thought she had committed some heinous crime against humanity or made malicious remarks about President Obama. However, what the individual was pertaining to was her involvement in the marriage ceremony. Now, last I checked her work in music, film, and television has earned her a Golden Globe award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Image Awards, a Grammy Award, six additional Grammy nominations, an Emmy Award nomination and an Academy Award nomination. All of this occurred before the 56th Annual Grammy Awards even aired; but I digress.

I’m amazed that despite all of her accolades and successes people are ready to dismiss her because she is in support of same-sex marriage. Oh, I failed to mention that the post was written by a Christian, and the 200+ comments that followed (mostly in support of the decision to leave her alone) were by Christians as well. I can easily go on a scriptural rant about this and start a biblical debate about homosexuality, but I’m not because I know some who respond to this blog will. Yet, I will say that I am convinced that God is not pleased by how quickly we toss His people to the side before consulting Him (there I’m done).

I have learned in my 42 years on Earth –and from dealing with church folks- that it is easier for some to condemn people to hell than it is to fathom the idea that Heaven may in fact be occupied by persons whom they never thought would make it. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the all the people who say “Gays ain’t going to Heaven, end up in Hell for saying ‘Gays ain’t going to Heaven’”?

Queen Latifah is not the problem; ignorance is: Ignorance about gays; human sexuality; and unconditional love. Does her support of the gay marriage make her less talented? Is she an ‘abomination’ by association? If she steps in church on Sunday will the church refuse her generous monetary offering because she had the nerve to applaud love? What really does “I’m done with her mean”? I just wish that some of the people who are so quick to judge would pause for a moment and make some type of effort to find God in all of this; which He most definitely is. Let love abide.

To my friends Octavius and Jamal, thanks for following your hearts and living in truth. Uh oh, I guess some Christians are going to be done with me, now.  OctoJam

Click to see Jamal and Octavius interviewed on The Insider



8 comments on “All Hail…The Grooms!

  1. kentay
    February 1, 2014

    Percy’s contrast is spot on. Notwithstanding the pervasive ignorance of who we today know as “church folk”, there is something insidious about that ostensible fact: that Queen Latifah, a woman of such acclaim, and yet a woman who embodies what we consider performance features of what it means to be “lesbian” and even “butch lesbian”, does not even herself find true “safety” in publicly living her (perceived) truth, while simultaneously standing as an advocate over the very experience that she seems to hide behind, despite the blatant level of veiled transparency. This is the tragedy. These liminal spaces that act as purgatory for many LGBTQ people, and as a final reality for others. Such waste we cause within ourselves.

    Allow me to take up a bit more space with a timeless response that speaks for itself – James Baldwin’s words in his essay “The Male Prison” found in his book Nobody Knows My Name: “And that argument, for example, as to whether or not homosexuality is natural seems to me completely pointless – pointless because I really do not see what difference the answer makes. It seems clear, in any case, at least in the world we know, that no matter what encyclopedias of physiological and scientific knowledge are brought to bear the answer never can be Yes. And one of the reasons for this is that it would rob the normal – who are simply the many – of their very necessary sense of security and order, of their sense, perhaps that the race is and should be devoted to outwitting oblivion – and will surely manage to do so.

    But there are a great many ways of outwitting oblivion, and to ask whether or not homosexuality is natural is really like asking whether or not it was natural for Socrates to swallow hemlock, whether or not it was natural for St. Paul to suffer for the Gospel, whether or not it was natural for the Germans to send upwards of six million people to an extremely twentieth-century death. It does not seem to me that nature helps us very much when we need illumination in human affairs. I am certainly convinced that it is one of the greatest impulses of mankind to arrive at something higher than a natural state. How to be natural does not seem to me to be a problem – quite the contrary. The great problem is how to be – in the best sense of that kaleidoscopic word – a man.” – James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name.

  2. Barron Chisolm
    January 30, 2014

    Elder Morrison! All I have to say is I love you because I do and I love you for this post! As an ordained elder, I say to anyone with ungodly, ignorant statements to HUSH up & let love rule! Guess folks would be “done” with me too! I just hope & pray (sincerely) that God won’t be DONE with “them!” GREAT post!!!

  3. percivalpandy
    January 29, 2014

    I don’t really think the backlash came from the fact that she supports same-sex marriage, I believe the Queen Latifah negativity comes from her not outing her self while in support of same-sex marriage. Right or wrong I know many LGBT persons that were infuriated with her participation in the ceremonies at the Grammys. The community has become so polarized by definitions and because the Queen has not boldly came out and professed her lesbianism or lack there of people are spitting mad. I bet if I look at some of those negative Christian comments half of them came from church queens, who sexual freedom (ambiguity) does not sit well with. The LGBT community wants its members to either step to the side or be crucified in the name of the cause. Let’s not be so quick to pin it all on our heterosexual counterparts, when the first rock always gets cast by us if we don’t wrap ourselves in a rainbow flag singing ” A STAR IS BORN”.

    • dontamorrison
      January 29, 2014

      Excellent contrast Percy. I failed to even view it from that perspective. Hmmmm, now my antennas are up. You really have me viewing things differently now. Kudos to you!!!

  4. Yobo
    January 29, 2014

    A Christian woman said to me, “I love the gays but I don’t agree with their lifestyle because it goes against the Word of God.” I responded, “But you’re shacking!”

  5. Aja
    January 29, 2014

    That is the main reason I don’t go to church and would rather read my bible and talk to The Lord in the comfort of my own home. For some strange reason “church folk” think they are better than thou. But, it’s interesting because the church is about love, patience, and beliefs however, “church folk” are the first to comdemn. No one has the right to judge their fellow brethren as I’m pretty sure no one is perfect enough to do so. Whatever ones decisions are in life that pertains to their partner, who cares?!? Well at least I don’t. I think if people start worrying about their own life instead of embarking on someone else journey who didn’t invite them, this world would be a happier place.

    • dontamorrison
      January 29, 2014

      I agree 100%! I think everyone should focus on themselves and stay in their own lane. Some Christians love to embarrass themselves with misquotes and obvious lack of understanding about why Jesus came.

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