Dontá Morrison: My Story (unedited)

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 12

Over the last 15 years I have presented at conferences, workshops, and forums across the country. In all my public speaking rarely have I ever shared my full testimony. Recently, one of my close friends asked if he could interview me on my show. I chuckled at the idea but after some convincing I agreed to the idea. Tonight I will share my experience being an author, growing up in church, dating, relationships, living with HIV, and the challenges I face when trying to educate the community about HIV/AIDS. This will probably be the rawest interview I have ever done.

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2014 Year in Review

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 11

A lot happened in 2014 that we can discuss. Tragedy, comedy, drama, unbelievable….you name it this year had it. Tonight my guest co-hosts Lavel, Bridgette and Brentley are going to discuss some of their most memorable moments from the past 12 months. Pop culture, world news, national events; our list is as diverse as they come. Tune in and join the conversation because it is guaranteed to be an in-depth -and sometimes hilarious- review of occurrences.

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Sexual Fantasies: What’s on your mind?

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 10

This episode will feature special guest Dr. Piper Grant, PsyD, MPH. We will discuss sexual fantasies – their origin, their meanings, how you can share them, use them, and enjoy them! Listen alone or with your partner. This is sure to be both informative and educational. Grab a pen and paper because you will definitely want to take notes on what she has to share. For mature listeners only.

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Red Light Green Light: Dating Do’s and Don’t’s (Part II)

Diggin Deep with Dontá: Episode 9

In part one Jaye Devan and Nicole Vick laid the foundation. Now they are back to further discuss the woes of dating and how to best handle bad situations. The last episode we ran out of time and Nicole had more to get off her chest. Tune in to hear what she has to say in response to Jaye’s comment about single women of a certain age. Also, Jaye brings clarity to the question “Why do men cheat”.This is going to be a hilarious exchange of views.

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