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Truth-B-Told: the series.

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Beginning in June 2014 seven young Black gay men under the leadership of Dontá Morrison (center) implemented an HIV testing initiative called R3VNG (Reshaping 3 letters through the Voices of the Now Generation) at AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) Health & Wellness in Los Angeles, CA. The strategy was created to meet the HIV testing needs associated with program funds received from the Centers for Disease Control. The young men conducted outreach throughout Los Angeles urging people to ‘wear the red scarf’ in effort to promote HIV awareness and testing. The campaign was well received yet they desired to do more….much more.


Listening to the plea of the young men Dontá created a series that would expand their audience and take their HIV prevention work to the next level. Realizing that the positive voices of the now generation are oftentimes overshadowed by images and actions that depict them in a less than favorable light, Dontá challenged the young men to step up and speak out about issues they find most challenging. The result is a 10 episode web-series that is insightful as well as entertaining.

After receiving a grant from the Goodwin Family Trust he reached out to Bawn Media Group, Inc. in hopes of acquiring their support in taking the idea to the next level. They excitedly agreed, believing that their message deserved to be shared with the masses. The filming of the series was an extraordinary opportunity for all involved. Current messaging about young gay Black men can be one-sided but Truth-B-Told provides another perspective. One that can hopefully shed additional light on how to best reach and understand young Black gay men.

The series launched on Friday October 24th and is already receiving great feedback. A new episode will air every Friday night at 7:30 (PST) on YouTube. With your support the voices of these young men can go viral and spark additional conversations about methods and best practices for increasing HIV prevention, education, awareness and testing with communities (gay and straight) nationwide.

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Reshaping 3 letters through the Voices of the Now Generation

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Diggin’ Deep with Dontá


There is nothing like facing a fear and conquering it. For the longest time friends have been encouraging me to do something beyond blog writing. They would always say ‘we love your writings but people need to hear your live voice’. I never really understood the push because I feel that my words are just as much my voice as anything else. However, I would resonate on the suggestions and then file it way back in my mental Rolodex. It was not until a recently sharing dialogue with a close friend that I accepted the fact that ‘yes, deep down I really did want to do more, but I had a fear.’ You may be asking what the fear is/was, and I will gladly share it.

Growing up I always felt different. I was able to ‘fit in’ because of a chameleon like gift I was blessed with but there was always an awkwardness I felt whenever around too many people. I didn’t feel like an outcast, nor can I say I was a victim of bullies (yet, there was one kid in particular whom I loathed with every fiber of my being) but I do know that there was a difference in me that I was not fully understanding. During adolescence there was one thing I hated about myself that haunted me well into my adult life. For some odd reason my speaking voice never seemed to change. In high school I still had the voice of an elementary school kid. No depth, no bass, no hard resonance when I spoke. It was soft, simple, non-intimidating; and I hated it. I wanted to walk in the room and speak with authority like King Jaffe Jaffur from the film Coming America. Instead, I sounded like a softer version on an 8-year-old Michael Jackson (an over exaggeration of course, but it’s how I felt at the time). I was teased incessantly because of its softness and built up somewhat of a complex. The one good thing I could and still can do with my voice is sing. I have a phenomenal range and once I embraced that gift it was all good. But, who sings their way through life: as far as conversations are concerned.

Let’s fast forward twenty plus years to my current life. Although I have spoken on platforms all across the country, sharing information about HIV/AIDS, sexual health, and other topics relating to sex, there was always a hint of fear at how my voice would be received. Yes, it has deepened but still not to the depths I thirsted for. What is even funnier is that I am a minister. What do most ministers do? They preach…to the masses. As much as I love preaching, teaching, educating and such, one would think I love hearing the sound of my own voice: not. To top it all off I have been singing (alto) with the same gospel group -Min. Victor Bell and Halel- for almost twenty years. Check us out on the Oxygen T.V Show ‘Fix My Choir’ airing on November 5th (shameless plug).

Diggin’ Deep with Dontá is my new project that I am so excited about it. It is a long overdue venture that I pray garners the momentum and support it deserves. I am talking about things that others shy away from. I don’t want to have a fluff show because there are enough of those out there. I also don’t want something that is so heavy people leave feeling waited and tired. My desire is to have a show that people can listen to, comment on, laugh about, and grow from. No judgment, no finger-pointing, no off-putting comments that create guilt; just a show that will promote accountability in an each-one-teach-one style manner. Hopefully you will listen in and be a part of my ‘fearless’ experience.

Once a week I allow people from all over the world to hear me, sight unseen. I am not in front of them trying to balance out my image with my voice. I am open and vulnerable for them to create any type of look they desire. But you know what? For the first time in my life I don’t care. I am fine with whatever perception they have of me based upon how ‘soft’ my voice may sound. The hilarious part is that my voice only may sound ‘soft’ to me. Others listening may quite well be like (insert base) ‘wow his voice is deep!’

The show airs every Monday night at 10pm PST on Blogtalk radio. I am proud of myself for shaking off the past and seeing that my future depends on my abilities to face my fears head on and press past them.

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HIV Test? Nah….I’m good.


Believe it or not, no one really wants to have HIV. Yes, it is a virus you can live with and we see wonderful billboards of people living healthy lives but,  does anyone really want to contract the virus. As a HIV test counselor I am responsible for informing people if they are HIV positive or negative. It is never an easy task letting someone know they have HIV but I would rather they know than walk around unknowingly infecting others. However, I always come across those who have reasons for not taking a HIV test. Below are some of the reasons I hear. Which one is your excuse?

I was just tested last week. 

It is amazing the amount of people who were just tested the week before I offered a test. What are the odds of that? Maybe I should have asked a week earlier; oh, but guaranteed I would still be week too late.

I’m not gay.

You’re also dated in your thoughts about the virus. HIV being labeled as a ‘gay disease’ is so 80’s. In case you haven’t noticed, people from all walks of life are contracting the virus: gay, straight, Black, White, Brown, Christian, Atheist, scholarly, and street. Pick a genre and I guarantee they have a HIV positive representative.

I only top dudes, I’m never the bottom.

Sooooooooooooo being a ‘top’ is your safer sex practice? Anal sex is anal sex and whether you are the giver or receiver you’re still at risk. HIV infection can occur during sexual activity. Sex is safe only if there is no HIV, no blood or sexual fluids, or no way for HIV to get into the body. That being said, YOU -unprotected- inside any sexual orifice (anus or vagina) is a risk.

I don’t like needles.

That’s funny, because you are covered in tattoos and you even have your tongue pierced. However, just for clarity, the device used to obtain blood for the test is a lancet. Although it is similar to a needle the feeling is closer to getting your ears pierced. The lancet has a rapid fire feel to it, whereas the needle must go into the arm and withdraw blood, a lancet merely pricks the surface causing a droplet of blood to form. Trust me when I say that you would rather be tested via a lancet than walk around unknowingly infected.

I don’t feel sick.

Neither did a majority of the people who found out they were HIV positive. There are little to no signs of HIV infection. The best way to know your HIV status is to get tested.

I don’t have a lot of time right now.

The rapid HIV test takes 20 minutes. Better yet, the Insti test (the one I administer) takes 60 seconds. That being said, are you still short on time? I mean, the time it took you to think of that excuse was longer than the test time.

You guys are not offering any incentives.

WHAT?!?! I need to pay you to find out your HIV status? I cannot even begin to elaborate on how asinine this mentality is. However, it is no fault of the client that we have created a system that makes them think they are doing us a favor by finding out the status of their health.




Of course there are lots more but these are the top used. What is your excuse for not getting tested? Does it make sense to everyone, or just you? Remember, there are no signs or symptoms and everyone needs to know their status. Before engaging in intercourse with a new partner, KNOW THEIR STATUS. This is not about judgment, it is about staying healthy. I don’t care if you have over a hundred partners, or just two solid ones; get tested.

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Spotlight: Shanta Alexander



Name:  Shanta Alexander Owner and Founder

Location:  Los Angeles, CA

Company: Forbidden Kiss

What exactly is Forbidden Kiss? Forbidden Kiss is a Los Angeles based company that provides adult toys and entertainment. We host parties and events across the country for those who are more comfortable with purchasing adult toys in the privacy of their own home. Our parties are full service events that can include massage therapy, food and beverage service, and strippers (male and/or female).

What made you enter this line of work? They say you should do what you love. I love toys, sex, relationships and all things erotic, so why not share my passion with others. Honestly, I started off hosting lingerie parties for plus size women. I knew there was a void in that area and saw it as a good opportunity to capitalize in that market. However, while doing my first lingerie party the ladies were also looking for adult toys. After it was over one of the guests booked me and told me I better have toys for her party. That being said I have been providing pleasure items ever since.

What is the most exciting part of what you do? Even though I host parties for both men and black-couple-kissing-laying-down-e1342504738499women, the look on the ladies faces when they are greeted by one of my sexy male hosts is always a hilarious sight. I also enjoy watching them fawn over the male masseuse who pamper them with an out-of-this-world massage. I find it intriguing when women admit to not being sexually satisfied in their relationship. It honestly gives me joy to introduce new items and techniques for sexual pleasure because I know so many women who are not fully enjoying the experience. I carefully explain the art of masturbation as well as ways on how to best enhance the experience with her partner.

What has been the wildest party you have ever hosted? The wildest party I ever hosted was a birthday party thrown by a doctor for one of her nurses on staff.  Long story short, the birthday girl loved the stripper and got a mouthful (wink). For the most part all of the parties I host have their own level of fun, but that one went down in my record book as the ‘Ultimate Party’.

What type of women use your products? Most of my clients are professional women between the ages of 25 – 50.

Do you have male customers as well? Yes, I do have male customers. They usually buy vibrators for their wives or girlfriends. They are looking for products to help their women have an orgasm. They also buy cock rings and other items to enhance or prolong their erection. Their shopping mindset is ‘how can I make my woman happy’.

Which celebrity would you most love to host a party for; and why? I want to work with Oprah!!!!! To me she is the epitome of what every woman should strive to be: successful, independent, and in control.

What is one fun fact about you that no one would assume?  I am a proud Cougar! I love younger men!

What’s next for Forbidden Kiss? Our website http://www.myforbiddenkiss.com will be available soon. We have another website coming up for our Exotic entertainment. You will also be able to Join My Team and become and Independent Forbidden Kiss consultant. We also have several other big announcements coming up so stay tuned

Any final thoughts or comments? Yes. I always tell ladies to never buy a dildo or vibrator that is bigger than your man’s penis. Purchase something small and cute that will not intimidate him. You want him to be comfortable using it on you; if what you buy is bigger than what he naturally has, his ego may become a bit bruised. Also, I would love for everyone to follow us on social media and book a party for you and your friends. I guarantee you will have a good time.

  • Instagram: Missforbiddenkiss
  • Facebook: Forbidden Kiss
  • Twitter: @msforbiddenkiss

If you would like to book a party simply send an email to forbiddenkiss.sa@gmail.com or call 323-360-7828