Trapped OUTSIDE the closet

There are numerous views and perceptions about gays and lesbians. Stances rooted in religious beliefs and other traditional factors continue to place a shining light on members of the LGBT community. For some… Continue reading

Give yourself a A+

Are you one of those people who need everything to look, act, and feel a certain way? Do you cringe at the thought of an out-of-place hair, wrinkle on an outfit, or small… Continue reading

Spotlight: Jaye Devan

Today’s spotlight focuses on comedian and writer Jaye Devan. He shares with us the challenges of comedy, the joy of writing, and his annoyance with Reality TV. He even explains why he considers… Continue reading

When Sex Used To Be Safe.

  We all know that sex sells and has always been a surefire way to get the attention of the masses. Regardless of whether it it’s dirty, raunchy or tasteful, sex is something… Continue reading